Terms and Conditions

All information presented on this web site is the copyright of Pario Innovations Ltd. and designed to help increase understanding of issues relating to the assessment and development of people at work and includes mention of tools and techniques (‘products’) designed to improve competency assessment, enhance performance capability and support self-development. The products include self-assessment questionnaires, employee surveys and 360 degree feedback. Wherever possible the information presented on this website is based on relevant research relating to leadership, employee performance and motivation at work, but Pario Innovations Ltd and their affiliates do not provide any guarantee that employee commitment, individual or team performance or employee productivity will be increased by use of self assessment questionnaires, 360 degree feedback, staff attitude surveys or any other product or method that may be mentioned on this or other websites associated with Pario Innovations Ltd. Any questionnaires and reports that are made available to individuals are intended for educational and self development purposes, but no guarantee is made that the information will lead to improvement. It is also emphasised that coaching and self-development outcomes are dependent on the individual committing the time and effort required to achieve change.

The use of questionnaires within organizations, including those intended for self assessment and 360 degree feedback and any psychometric assessment or measurement used to assist in the selection of staff, performance management or appraisal of employees, professional development, coaching or any other purpose should be under the supervision and guidance of suitably qualified and experienced Human Resource staff, managers or other professionals. Pario Innovations Ltd take no responsibility for the use made of data and reports generated using the Pario online system, or the consequences resulting from the interpretation and use made of these online resources or other products or services provided by Pario Innovations Ltd. Terms and conditions relating to any workshop or development course will be agreed in writing prior to delivery.  

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