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Executive Tests & Bureau Services

Pario Professional Profiling reveals how executives deal with Problems, People and Tasks.

Gain insight into how someone is directing their energy and add depth to your next Executive Assessment.

Executive Coaching & 360 Degree Feedback

High Performance requires increased levels of Self Awareness and Balanced Processing of information.  

360 options include one-to-one feedback / coaching and workshops that support Executive Development Programme.

Competency Based Interviewing

We offer In-House Courses and Open Workshops relating to Competency Profiling & Assessment.

Competency Interviewing, Performance Management & Assessor Training for Assessment Centres...

Pario HR Solutions - Online Assessment

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Pario Online Assessment enables Clients to set up and run questionnaires prior to interview or Executive Development workshops. The system also offers advanced 360 degree feedback and Employee Engagement Surveys.

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