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Executive Competency Assessment Role Profiling

Pario online Executive Assessment Role Profiling adds focus to the assessment process. The Role Profiling Report clarifies what is required in the role. Candidate Profiles can be compared with an agreed list of attributes, and the questionnaire and report can be edited/tailored to meet client needs.

The Pario Professional Questionnaire can then be used to assess individual work preferences against the Executive / Manager Role Profile.

Role Profiling Reports are FREE to registered business users of the Pario online system.   Note: Pario Professional Reports are an additional option and do not form part of complimentary role profiling process.

Pario 360 degree feedback reports and other multi-rater reports can be downloaded by the client. The easy-to-use system can be tailored to requirements.  

The Role Profiling Reports, 360 degree feedback and Development Centre reports are easily set-up and include DIY options.

360 Feedback & Multi-Rater Reports

Sample DC and 360 Reports

  These multi-rater reports can be adapted to meet specific requirements

360 Sample Report

Development Centre Automated Reports



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Pario Resources include questionnaires for individual and team development, including 360 degree feedback and motivation surveys. Practical applications include competency assessment, coaching and intercultural training.

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